Dr James Moxham


Blackwood Family Medical  Centre, 356 Shepherds Hill Rd, Blackwood 8178 0087

GP Aldinga Afterhours, Shop 35 Aldinga Central Shopping Centre 0410 190 291

Hobbies: Home automation, old computer emulation. See also Instructables: 

Dr_Acula  and James Moxham

Thingspeak Channels:

A - Pumpshed water tanks

B - Dam level, pool temperature

C - Roof hot water

D - Solar Kw, pool heater

E - Top tanks water level

F - Filtered metal tank and dam

G - Spare

H - Spare

contact moxhamj@internode.on.net

Google+ https://plus.google.com/110616213540111313136/posts

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